If you are a support group alum looking for the status update and exit survey form, it’s here.

Seattle Peer-Led Support is a free, monthly drop-in support group affiliated with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.

This is a peer-led, co-ed general infertility support group led by volunteers. We do not offer professional therapy, but rather a space and community for resource-sharing and mutual support. The majority of our meeting time is open discussion.

We encourage you to come see that you’re not alone.  Our community understands tears.  We also enjoy a surprising amount of laughter and relief.  New friendships are born.  And people graduate into parenthood and/or a new chapter of their lives.

Attendees have diagnoses ranging from male factor to female factor, to unexplained, and everything in between. Both men and women are welcome, straight and same-sex couples, and single people pursuing parenthood on their own. We encourage members, as time allows, to seek further support through the breakout support groups available, such as those for secondary infertility, third party reproduction (donor- or surrogacy-assisted family-building), and pregnancy and parenting after infertility. We welcome those considering adoption, and also encourage further connecting with the great AWAIT group through Adoptive Friends & Families of Greater Seattle.


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