Expanding Support Groups

I’m excited and encouraged that support groups will be popping up in different parts of town to provide support to people all over the area. When I was in Arizona last month, I attended a RESOLVE support group in Mesa. There are several support groups in the Phoenix area– at least half a dozen, including one just for guys that met at a Dave & Buster’s. I really like this model of accessible “neighborhood” support.

I had coffee today with a lovely woman named Grace who is a nurse and fertility educator. She is interested in providing support to the women and couples of color in the Rainier Valley area. She is going to attend our RESOLVE meeting and considers it a hosting preceptorship of sorts. My current co-host and another woman we know are eyeing the SeaTac/Burien area for a new support group. Anne will eventually transition out of the Seattle group to lead one in South King County (near the airport). Grace would be my co-host in the transition and then she herself will phase out to start a group in South Seattle, though it will be affiliated with her clinic.  I love serendipity!

The Bellingham RESOLVE has just started, too! So hopefully within the next 6 months, Washington State will have RESOLVE support groups in Bellingham, Kirkland, North Seattle,  and SeaTac/Burien. The activity on this front may be part of why our state’s fertility grade went from a D in 2015 to a C this year. Every piece of the action helps.


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