Infertility Advocacy Day, hosted by RESOLVE, is an opportunity to go to Capitol Hill on May 11, 2016 to talk to legislators about the scope of infertility in this country and the physical, emotional, and financial impact of this disease. Individuals, couples, and fertility professionals are needed to represent all 50 states to our members of Congress.

Washington State has had 1-3 advocates attend the Washington, DC event in recent years. We would love to increase the number of voices on our team. (Even California has a team in the double digits!) Please consider joining us on Advocacy Day.

RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day is an empowering way to turn your journey into meaningful action and meet amazing American citizens fighting for the infertility community. Click here for more information.

We will be asking Congress to support legislation to allow Veterans to access infertility and family building resources, and support legislation that will improve the Adoption Tax Credit so that more people can afford to build their family through adoption. We are also asking for an appropriation to enable the Centers for Disease Control to begin addressing key gaps identified in the National Action Plan on Infertility: the need for better education, research, and access to care.

Call to Action: (This information was obtained from RESOLVE.)

Co-sponsor S 469 and H.R. 3365, Women Veterans and Families Health Services Act

We are asking Senators and Representatives to co-sponsor S469/HR 3365, a bill that will dramatically improve the care our wounded service members and veterans receive for infertility. Currently the Veterans Administration is banned from offering IVF treatments to Veterans. DoD does offer IVF treatment to some wounded service members but services are extremely limited and need to cover more wounded service members in need.

Co-sponsor H.R. 2257, Reproductive Treatment for Certain Disabled Veterans

We are asking Senators and Representatives to co-sponsor H.R. 2257, a bill introduced by Rep. Jeff Miller, Chair of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, will help wounded veterans have a family and future by offering needed IVF medical treatment in the VA health system.

Co-Sponsor S 950 and H.R. 2434 the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act

The Adoption Tax Credit is a bipartisan credit that has existed since 1997. It advances the important public goal of encouraging adoptions, especially of children with special needs. The current credit must be improved by making it refundable. A refundable credit allows low to moderate income families to adopt children and use the credit as they receive little or no benefit from a non-refundable credit. Congress made the credit refundable in 2010 and 2011. We are asking Senators and Representatives to co-sponsor S 950/H.R. 2434, which will put back the refundable option in the Adoption Tax Credit. RESOLVE is part of the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group – comprised of more than 150 organizations across the nation – and we are a resource to Members of Congress as they work to strengthen the Adoption Tax Credit.

Please support CDC Appropriation:

The CDC issued a National Action Plan in 2014 declaring that infertility is a public health issue. We seek an appropriation to enable CDC to begin addressing key gaps identified in the Plan: the need for better education, research, and access to care.

Family Act Update:

As of November 1, 2015, The Family Act has not been re-introduced in the House or Senate. Efforts are going on behind the scenes; RESOLVE and other supporters of the Family Act continue to work with key members of Congress to address their suggestions and concerns about the bill. If the bill is introduced before May 11, 2016, it will be part of our Advocacy Day efforts.