On the national level, RESOLVE offers this public resource list, with glossary, and “Questions to Ask” series. It is dated from 2007, so it is particularly not up-to-date. However, it can be useful for those starting out in exploring available resources: attachment-d_plsg-public-resources

On the local level, Lynn Jensen, Seattle author and fertility yoga instructor, has compiled a Puget Sound list of complementary therapists and practitioners for fertility support. She provides this resource list to the students in her fertility yoga classes and offers the directory to the RESOLVE Seattle community.

A few disclaimers:

  • The list may not be up-to-date on all information.
  • This is not an exhaustive list by any means – there are other very qualified practitioners in Seattle area.
  • Inclusion on the list does not mean that RESOLVE or Lynn Jensen specifically recommend these practitioners, simply that they have a very strong fertility focus in their practice.